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Iatrogenic false aneurysm treatment use ultrasound-guided thrombin injection in during the five year

In this study we show that ultrasonic (US) equipped with injection of thrombin is a safe and effecti... weiterlesen
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Enhancement effect function of T cell CD8 from healthy controls and patients with HIV infection is t

Damage blood vessels in the integrity of the trauma and other organizations insult to the inflammati... weiterlesen
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Thrombin cracking fragment in malignant osteopontin is overexpressed glial tumors, and provides a mo

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Macrophages, epithelial cells of the CCL2 help rhinovirus induced high reactivity and inflammation i

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Differential regulation of CD4 + T cell adhesion to the brain microvascular endothelial & # 946; The

In multiple sclerosis (MS), circulating lymphocyte through blood & # 8211; Brain barrier (BBB) and a... weiterlesen
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Increased urinary CCL2: Cr ratio in 6 months later the renal allograft loss.

Background: Early non-invasive markers, identification of risk patients renal allograft loss work s... weiterlesen
11.12.12 13:41

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