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microRNA-7 reduces expression of FAK to suppress breast cancer metastasis

August 13, 2012 News / Bio Valley BIOON / - focal adhesion kinase (FAK) is an extracellular matrix integrin signaling and cell motility, cell proliferation and cell survival regulatory factors. FAK expression in a variety of solid tumors are proved to be significantly increased, increased in tumor metastasis and poor prognosis of FAK expression is closely related. PLoS ONE recently published a study found that miR-7 can directly regulate FAK expression. Compared to normal breast tissue, miR-7 expression in malignant tissue is reduced, and miR-7 expression in patients with breast cancer metastasis is inversely proportional. miR-7 expression rates will increase the expression of E-cadherin in breast cancer cells, lower expression of fibronectin and vimentin. The expression levels of miR-7 and E-cadherin expression was positively correlated with vimentin expression levels in breast cancer samples were negative correlation. MiR-7 expression increased invasive breast cancer cell lines, and inhibition of tumor cell proliferation, anchorage independent growth capacity as well as migration and invasion. In contrast, inhibition of mammary epithelial cell line HBL-100, miR-7 expression promotes cell proliferation and anchorage independent growth capacity. Recovery of FAK expression of miR-7 can reverse the inhibition of breast cancer cell migration and invasion. miR-7 can also inhibit the development of breast cancer xenografts in nude mice with primary breast tumors, local invasion and metastasis. Therefore, metastatic breast cancer miR-7 expression decreased tumor epithelial cell differentiation level, can inhibit metastatic tumor progression.
1.9.12 08:19
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