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The drug vandetanib increases Deterioration of the disease-free survival of thyroid cancer patient

Advanced differentiated thyroid cancer (advanced differentiated thyroid cancer, DTC) patient Phase II randomized clinical trial results showed that the receiving oral targeted drug vandetanib (vandetanib) treatment of patients without disease progression survival than placebo-treated those patient long nearly doubled (11.2 months, 5.9 months). The findings, published online in the journal Lancet Oncology, is the first to provide clear evidence that the use of targeted drug vandetanib in patients with advanced differentiated thyroid cancer can extend a patient's disease-free progression-free survival (on progression free survival, PFS) . For now, it does not exist yet effective treatment from the treatment of this cancer. In the past 10 years, the incidence of thyroid cancer in the world more than doubled. Recently, multi-target kinase inhibitor (multi-targeted kinase inhibitor) is becoming a promising treatment of advanced differentiated thyroid cancer drug candidate, but until then, scientists have never carried out, placebo-controlled clinical trial research. Martin Schlumberger and colleagues from France, Gustave - Roussy (Institut Gustave Roussy) In this study, aimed at determining the vandetanib --- The drug targeting known in the growth of thyroid cancer and play a role in the proliferation of protein: endothelial growth factor receptor (endothelial growth factor receptor, EGFR) and the vascular endothelial growth factor (vascular endothelial growth factor, VEGF) and infection during the rearrangement of the original oncogene RET (rearranged during transfection protooncogene ) --- whether the impact of the deterioration of the disease-free survival and overall survival (overall survival, OS). In this study, researchers randomized to 145 from seven European countries with advanced differentiated thyroid cancer assigned to two groups: 72 patients received 300 mg daily vandetanib treatment; 73 patients placebo treatment. Compared with the placebo-treated group of patients, taking vandetanib patients without disease progression-free survival was significantly improved (increased from 5.9 months to 11.1 months) is associated. 6 months after treatment, compared to placebo-treated group of patients receiving vandetanib therapy patients also have more good disease control rate (as disease control rate, DCR). Patients, however, does not exist in the overall survival significantly different from Interestingly, vandetanib treatment, people with the more common papillary thyroid carcinoma (papillary thyroid cancer, PTC) patients have than follicular thyroid carcinoma (follicular thyroid cancer, FTC) patients and differentiated thyroid cancer (the first two median disease-free progression-free survival was 7.7 months) and long disease progression-free survival (median disease-free progression-free survival of 16.2 months). Accept the to vandetanib treatment of patients also experienced more side effects, especially the QT interval (QTc) to extend the time to increase, diarrhea, weakness and fatigue. The group of patients receiving vandetanib treatment, there are two patients with treatment-related death. These results indicate that the van der his Nicole can be a potentially effective treatment options to maintain a stable condition advanced differentiated thyroid cancer, particularly papillary thyroid cancer. However, more research is needed to better illustrate kinase inhibitors may be the most effective of which advanced differentiated thyroid cancer, in order to develop a personalized therapy to treat advanced differentiated thyroid cancer.
3.9.12 08:21
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