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Reprogramming brings new hop to the treatment of male infertility

September 7, 2012 - / Bio Valley BIOON / Sertoli cells (Sertoli cells) that sex determination in embryonic development and plays a vital role in adulthood spermatogenesis. Has an important role in male fertility, and the suppression of the immune characteristics and neurotrophic properties, so that they will have broad prospects in clinical application. In this study, the researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, expressed in fibroblasts five transcription factors generated induced embryonic Sertoli-like cells (Sertoli-like cells, ieSCs). The researchers confirmed the specific combination of transcription factors, the role in the process of transformation of fibroblasts to ieSCs, and identified several key steps in the process. Initially, the shift in fibroblasts from the transition of mesenchymal cells to the epithelial cells, and then obtained a aggregation ability, and the formation of the tubular structure, a specific marker expression in the embryo of the Sertoli cells. Sertoli cell-like cells (Sertoli-like) cells can promote the differentiation of nerve cells and neural precursor cells (NPCs) self-renewal, support the survival of the germ cells in vitro culture, and endogenous embryo Sertoli cells and primordial germ cells synergy, facilitate the emergence of the the fetal gonads testicular cord. In conclusion, this study are of great significance to promote the treatment of male infertility, as well as embryonic reproductive and developmental studies.
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