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Iatrogenic false aneurysm treatment use ultrasound-guided thrombin injection in during the five year

In this study we show that ultrasonic (US) equipped with injection of thrombin is a safe and effective method to treat iatrogenic false aneurysm as a new treatment in a has 650 beds city community hospitals. We review chart review including patients iatrogenic false aneurysm from January 2004 to June 2010 in a single institution. All patients of pseudo aneurysm patients use we guide injection of thrombin. The research shows that, an overall success rate is 97.1%, the treatment of iatrogenic false aneurysm 33 34 cases. A patient accept open surgery to repair. No death or complications pointed out. The study was a success proves that we guide injection of thrombin is a kind of effective method to treat iatrogenic false aneurysm and can safely for a new treatment model by trained a vascular surgeon. Review of the different techniques include. An algorithm used in the treatment of iatrogenic false aneurysm from this research put forward.
6.12.12 15:20
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