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Enhancement effect function of T cell CD8 from healthy controls and patients with HIV infection is t

Damage blood vessels in the integrity of the trauma and other organizations insult to the inflammation and activation of the coagulation cascade. Serine protease of blood coagulation MeiLian joint the two process. Thrombin proinflammatory function is activated by protease activity receptor 1 (par 1). We found the peripheral blood effector memory CD4 and CD8 T lymphocyte expressed par value 1, expression was increased in patients infected with HIV CD8 T cells. Thrombin enhance the secretion of cytokines in T cell CD8 from healthy control and HIV infected patients. In addition, thrombin induced chemical motility, but not chemotactic sex, CD8 T cells, which can lead to the structural changes, including cell polarization and form a structure rich actin and cpERM (phosphorylation ezrin - radexin - moesin) protein. These findings suggest that thrombin mediated between the coagulation system of crosstalk and adaptive immune system in the web site of vascular injury by increasing the T cell motility and production to promote inflammation cell factor.
6.12.12 15:22
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