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Differential regulation of CD4 + T cell adhesion to the brain microvascular endothelial & # 946; The

In multiple sclerosis (MS), circulating lymphocyte through blood & # 8211; Brain barrier (BBB) and accumulation in website antigen challenge. This process depends on the specific lymphocyte and the interaction between the brain microvascular endothelial cell factor, including endothelial cell activation and chemokine existence. Chemokines play a key role, the arrangement of the immune response, agency both chemoattractants and catalyst of white blood cell subset. In the present study, we investigated the influence & # 946; Chemokines, CCL3 CCL2, adhesion and the CD4 + T cell subsets, the human brain microvessel endothelial cells (HBMEC). Chemokine added to the lower cabin bicameral system system at rest or chemotactic cytokines of activation HBMEC tributary, diffusion through the culture substrate and bound to basal surface HBMEC. Low interest rates and adhesion of na # 239; Ve, rest and memory CD4 + T cells rest HBMEC significant adjustment HBMEC treatment with TNF will # 945; And ifn g. Recent CD4 + T cell activation easy to adhere to the rest power. Concentration gradient CCL2 sexual regulation CD4 + T cell activation cell factor treatment but no HBMEC rest. The presence of CCL3 in the house of representatives increase adhesion memory T cells and cytokines HBMEC if treatment. These findings highlight the brain endothelial cell activation of the importance and role, CCL3 CCL2 regulation CD4 + T cell adhesion to BBB endothelial subset, thus specific immune response in MS.
11.12.12 13:39
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