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Spinal cord tumors

Spinal tumors (intraspinaltumor) originated in a variety of tumor-like lesions of the spinal tissue such as spinal cord and nerve roots meninges or vertebrae. The incidence of tumors in pediatric spinal significantly reduced compared with intracranial tumors occur in the more common adult meningioma and neurofibroma embryonic remnant tumor (epidermoid cyst, dermoid cyst) in children is particularly rare childhood. The main clinical manifestations of spinal tumors can occur in the spine of any segment of the the tumor plane where the nerve root damage and below the level of long tract involvement signs and symptoms.

Spinal tumor is a growth in the spinal various organizations, such as the spinal cord, meninges, nerve roots, blood vessels and fatty tissue of the primary or secondary tumor.

1887 with Gower and Horsley First cut spinal cord tumors success. Elsberg (1925), brought together clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord tumors in the tumor of the spinal cord in the monograph. With the rapid progress since 1921 Sicard and Forestier open up myelography, spinal cord tumors. In recent years, with ongoing selective spinal angiography and microsurgical techniques, the diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord tumors can be said that a landmark entered a new era.

Spinal tumor incidence 2.5 / 100,000 population, according to foreign statistics for domestic accounts for about 2.5% of the inpatients disease of the nervous system. 1:6 - 10.7) compared with intracranial tumors. Such as the spinal cord and brain volume ratio 1:8, the that both tumor is considerable. Spinal tumor is not rare, and the vast majority are benign tumors, early diagnosis and treatment, the efficacy is satisfied.
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