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DC vaccine treatment of glioma has broad prospects

Dendritic cells (Dendritic Cells, DCs) vaccine treatment of cancer has developed rapidly in recent years, made ​​a very important result. The the Center Chief tumor immunology expert from the University of Michigan Professor Li Jiao further pointed out that in 2010 dendritic cell vaccine Dendreon's Provenge was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market, the flower of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine off DC's Father, Professor Steinman is very a landmark event. Recently, a number of application of DC vaccine therapy glioma study was published, announced. In March 2011, "Clinical Cancer Research" magazine published the results of an application of a dendritic cell vaccine for treatment of glioblastoma. The study shows that, after receiving immunosuppressive therapy achieved very good results, and median overall survival of 31.4 months was significantly higher than conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients 18.6 months, and patients with primary GBM patients were followed up for more than 6 years. Than the above studies simply load glioma cells, glioma stem cell center DC vaccine load a glioma cells and glioma stem cell treatment in principle, from the source to prevent glioma recurrence of this glioma therapy bottlenecks and improve the overall efficacy of glioma treatment worth the wait.
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