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Thrombin cracking fragment in malignant osteopontin is overexpressed glial tumors, and provides a mo

Osteopontin (OPN), which is highly expression in malignant glioblastoma (GBM), with inflammatory activity, is by thrombin and plasma proteolytic cleavage carboxy peptidase B2 (CPB2) in a highly conservative cleavage site. The OPN (OPN - FL) rise cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) all of the cancer patient samples than patients, the tumor. However thrombin cracking OPN (OPN - R), thrombin/CPB2 - double close to OPN (OPN - L) level obviously improve the GBM and the GBM glioma than systemic cancer and old patients. Close to OPN constitute the ~ 23% and - 31% of total OPN in "the green belt movement" and the GBM cerebrospinal fluid samples respectively. OPN - R are in the green belt movement "organization rise. Thrombin antithrombin level and close to OPN high correlation, but not OPN - FL, this shows that close to OPN fragments lead to thrombin and CPB2 increases in the extracellular space. VEGF and Syria in cerebrospinal fluid and an increased level of "green belt movement" and significant correlation level OPN apart. "Green belt movement" cell line were significantly more adherent to OPN - R and OPN - L than OPN - FL. Adhesion OPN change gene expression, in particular genes involved in the process of cells, cell cycle regulation, death and inflammation. OPN ascension motility u - 87 mg cells and awarded antiapoptotic. Although function variable mother OPN RGD basically abolished these function, OPN (RAA) - r restored important cell binding and signal function, it shows that SVVYGLR mother OPN - r may replace RGD design if the latter become inaccessible. OPN solution to Daniel GBM development allows more cells to binding in the market segment and they have the attributes.
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